Saturday, October 17, 2009

Inspiration for Portraits..

"Take photo's when I say 'NOW!' "

Is what I said to my brother. He has the camera, I am the character. I decided that I want the character to be 'shadowed' and 'mysterious' Which is the effect achieved within the following Photo's..

(ABOVE) This photo was achieved by shaking my head side to side then settling back in the middle with a 2 second shutter speed.

(ABOVE) Is this a portrait? Nope.. But being on a post about portraits, and being inbetween two photographs (Portraits) makes it seem somehow like a portrait.. Clever ay?

(ABOVE) This last photograph was a shutter speed of 2 seconds, and the camera slightly shook in all directions. This creates the effect of 'movement' for example an earthquake.
The next idea was to work harder on the 'shadowed' character..
(ABOVE) This first image shows a sadened character. Why could he seem sad? I chose to create the sense of sadness within these photo's as I am a 'shy' person anyway. I dont speak up much in class and I dont try to stick out in a crowd, I prefer to hide away and keep myself to myself.(ABOVE) This image has the head slightly angled up more than the first. Which creates the feeling of the character 'cheering' up a bit. Maybe as I have been settling in with other classmates and getting to know them? Who knows.. Only me :P(ABOVE) This final image has the character looking directly out of the photo. This intrudes the outer world and creates the sense of the audience being 'watched' I shall develop these images a bit further.

Well thats it for this post, catch you soon.

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